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dynamic environment

The nature of our business ensures dynamics and variety in daily tasks, constant internal communication with different people and team work. Work variety has major importance for the happiness of employees and their performance, hence we put a lot of effort for providing it and we offer opportunities for self-initiative. Many of the positions in our structure require constant communication with our partners all over the world, providing an extra bit of dynamics. 


To maintain our leading position in metalwork, we need very talented people, capable of enhancing their skills and abilities constantly. We put high emphasis on opportunities for personal and career development, and we believe that the success and improvement of our people is essential for the success of the company. Being part of our company is a challenge and provides endless possibilities. 


pleasant workplace

From our modern offices and manufacturing areas to the friendly atmosphere in the company, we strive to create a pleasant and positive work environment, which stimulates the productivity and efficiency of each one of us. 

competitive remuneration

We believe that fair and competitive remuneration is essential for the sucess of our business. We have developed a comprehensive and very clear remuneration scheme including a bonus system, and it is used for all levels within the company.    

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